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Your 1st dance at your wedding reception is a magical moment that both you and your guests look forward too, you have chosen the perfect song, your guests are waiting in anticipation for that moment when you and your partner take the dance floor for the 1st time as a married couple.

But there are more things that you can do to make that moment even more memorable, here are a few things that I have seen at weddings where I have had the honour of being the wedding dj

  • Ask that the lights be dimmed and have people hand out sparklers to all of your guests, making sure they are all lit up once the lights are dimmed. It will be like dancing around the stars.
  • Another possibility is to make a shower of balloons fall at the peak of the song or at the beginning. Choose balloons in your wedding colours and you’ll feel elegant right to the end.
  • Do you want it to feel like a fairytale ending? Dance among clouds of soap bubbles.  You can hand out the bubbles to all guests (children will love this), or get a couple of bubble machines.
  • For couples who want to have a fun vibe during the dance, a confetti cannon will complete your moment.

If that’s not enough, you can replace the traditional wedding waltz or a choreographed dance to surprise your guests in a special and fun way.  You two will have so much fun and will laugh a lot.  Get your friends to join in the dance and at the end you can teach it to everyone else. A great way to get everyone involved. A true conversation starter!

I hope this is of help to you

Kind Regards

Ian Stewart

Wedding DJ Essex, Herts & London

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