Wedding DJ & Master Of Ceremonies

Wedding & Master Of Ceremonies

On your wedding day, everything should be tailored to suit you and your guests.

Are you looking for a wedding DJ & Master Of Ceremonies who can guarantee that every detail of your event will be perfect and filled with fun, smiles and laughter? Brilliant then you have come to the right place. Ian Stewart Wedding DJ & MC is all you need for all of that and more.

Everyone, including us had such a great day, truly memorable'” Mr & Mrs Haynes wedding at Fanhams Hall, Ware, Hertfordshire.

So get in touch with wedding DJ Ian Stewart by calling or texting him on 07736-880 790 or email at or use the short contact form on this page.

That’s why you will have access to your own unique, printed and on-line facilities. Here you’ll find invaluable tools to help you and your guests quickly and easily create your unique wedding day soundtrack.

You will benefit from an invaluable planning meeting in the comfort of your home, a convenient coffee shop, or at your wedding venue. With myself, Ian Stewart as your wedding DJ and Master Of Ceremonies I will be privileged to help plan your perfect wedding day.

“Amazing DJ, you made our day flow so well” – Hayley & Ben Henderson Wedding at Tewin Bury Farm, Hertfordshire.

If you are planning your wedding or Civil Partnership ceremony then you will appreciate what a huge job it is, taking many hours discussing and planning even the smallest of details. Making sure that everything is perfect for your wedding day, and how it should be. In most cases when making a decision about the single longest part of your wedding day; the reception; only passing consideration is given to the wedding DJ or entertainment, the reception can account for almost 40% of the day. Your wedding reception is a celebration of your special day so please take the appropriate time to ensure your choice of DJ and Master Of ceremonies reflects its importance. Remember everyone will remember if the reception is not the success you deserve.

“Thank you for yesterday, so many people have commented on how good you were” – Sarah & Dave’s Wedding at Milling Barn, Throcking Hertfordshire

I think you were great cause my feet were killing the next day” Lisa a guest at Sarah & Dave’s wedding.

Chat with wedding Dj & Master Of Ceremonies Ian Stewart by calling or texting him on 07736-880 790 or email at or use the short contact form on this page.

Skilled Wedding Master Of Ceremonies

I am a skilled wedding Master Of Ceremonies, which is a vital element in any wedding celebration. With my outgoing and fun personality, I can make all your important announcements by introducing you and your wedding party into the wedding breakfast, organising your receiving line, introducing your toasts and speeches, introducing your cake cutting, and making sure your first wedding dance is an amazing memorable moment, plus many other unique and inspired things to make your wedding breakfast more than a meal. Also if required provide a top quality sound system and wireless microphones

Do you want to find out how wedding DJ Ian Stewarts unique master of ceremonies style is different from a toastmaster and can make your wedding run smoothly then call or text on 07736-880 790 email or use the quick contact form on this page.

The Music

Even the music you select for your wedding day will have an impact on each and every one of your guests. From the time before the ceremony begins until the last guest leaves your party, the music will be present. selecting the right Wedding DJ and music to represent you will make your special day one of the most memorable events in your guest’s lives. Select poorly and that image will be forever in their minds. Remember, if a guest gets a bad meal or a watered down drink, they will be the only one who knows. If your DJ or band plays the wrong tunes or if a singer during your ceremony performs badly, everyone knows. You’re planning to spend a lot on your cake, dress, venue, invitations all to look great. Don’t skimp when it comes to the talent! The music and entertainer are one of THE most important elements of your big day.

“Ian executed all of our requests, and more on the day” Mr & Mrs Lee’s wedding Stock Brook Manor, Billericay, Essex

If you want the perfect music at your wedding or party get in touch with wedding DJ & Master Of Ceremonies Ian Stewart by calling or texting him on 07736-880 790 or email at or use the short contact form on this page.

Your best memories are the ones where you’ve danced the night away, had a fun time and laughed throughout the day so why can’t your wedding be like this? Trust me it can! I will personally meet with you and discuss your best nights out, that big anthem or a student union must have, these can all be part of your wedding reception, which is personalised to suit you and your guests. I’m here to make sure you don’t just have a good time but the most memorable night of all your lives.

Experience & Professionalism

Every wedding reception deserves a DJ and Master Of Ceremonies that has the experience and professionalism to handle the multiple demands of such an occasion. You should look for someone who is professional, experienced, and who plays for the crowd and not his or hers favourite music. The DJ or entertainer should also dress for the occasion, use the microphone only when and where appropriate, and use volume control to ensure that the music is loud enough to make dancing comfortable, yet not so loud that your guests can’t have a conversation. With Ian Stewart, you are getting a professional, well groomed, fun Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies

All you need to do is call or text wedding DJ Ian Stewart on 07736-880 790 or email at or use the short contact form on this page.