What Will Weddings Look Like After Lockdown

What will weddings look like after lockdown? This is the big question everyone who is involved in weddings is asking, the suppliers and more importantly the couples whose weddings have been disrupted, and those that potentially could be disrupted.

I have spent some time thinking about this big question, and also chatting with other suppliers, and please don’t think I’m being negative, I am just trying play devil’s advocate. Thousands of couples have had to put their wedding plans affected by the current situation, many have postponed their big day to a later date, and some have their day cancelled completely, I truly feel for you all.

Personally I have already rescheduled most of my 2020 weddings up to July, and now some in August and September are starting to be moved. Unfortunately, I’m beginning to think some of the weddings that were rescheduled to later this year, might have to be rescheduled again.

Once we come out of this, I am beginning to wonder if this will change weddings forever.

What will weddings look like immediately after lockdown?

Once again, I need to reiterate that I don’t want to be negative, I am just highlighting some thought of myself, and a few wedding professionals. I truly hope I’m wrong and that things return to normal as soon as it’s safe.

Firstly, let’s look at what’s going to happen initially,  when the lockdown is relaxed. Most people are thinking that the Government will probably enforce, or at least recommend, restrictions on the number of people who will be able to gather at an event. How will this affect weddings? Most of the weddings I entertain at there is between 50 and 100 people during the day, with extra guests invited to join in the evening. Who knows what the restricted number will be, the consensus is 40-50.

How will people behave in large groups, will they be nervous? Will people be wearing PPE? People used to laugh at old wedding photos because of the fashions people were wearing. After the lockdown is relaxed, some people are likely to continue wearing gloves and masks, this could make for interesting photos. Some people may decide to stay away from large gatherings.

What will weddings look like after lockdown in the longer term?

Hopefully in the longterm, things will get back to something resembling normality, we will all want to party with our loved ones, maybe hug each other more,

Finally …

This is sort of mine and a few colleagues thoughts, and as I said I am just playing devils advocate

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What do you think? What will weddings look like after lockdown?

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