Advice About World Cup Football & Your Wedding Day

Advice About World Cup Football & Your Wedding Day

So England won a knockout game and a penalty shoot-out in The World Cup, how amazing is that. The whole country is understandably ecstatic, everybody wants to watch the next game versus Sweden. Then you think to yourself hang on, the game is on Saturday at 3 pm, right in the middle of my wedding. So hopefully this small blog will help you with advice about world cup football & your wedding day.

You might be getting messages asking if there will be a TV at the venue as they want to watch England v Sweden in The World Cup.

In my years of working as a wedding DJ, there are three solutions to this problem, after listing the solutions,  I will let you know what happened at these weddings

  1. It is the biggest day of you and your partners lives, it’s your wedding day, it’s a once in a lifetime day. The world cup happens every 4 years so the guests can miss one game. I don’t want the football at my wedding. We have spent good money on food etc.
  2. You understand that some people will find a TV somewhere, and understand that they will disappear for a while and find the TV to watch the game.
  3. As the game is at 3 PM, right in the middle of our wedding day we are going to embrace the football, put a screen into the room and all watch the game together.

Now, what are you thinking of doing? In the past, I have worked at weddings where all three of these solutions have happened.  Here is what happened

  1. People still found a TV to watch the game and disappeared for the two hours the game was on. At one wedding The Bride got very upset and even told the guests that she wasn’t happy and asked the venue to turn the game off. Some people left the wedding never to return.
  2. This worked perfectly fine, those that wanted to watch the game did, those that didn’t stay within the wedding party, both people were happy although the party was split for a while. everybody returned to the wedding and the party continued.
  3. The couple put a screen into the room where the wedding was being held and everybody watched the game together, it created a great atmosphere and once the wedding was over the party continued.

Only you can make the decision about how you deal with The World Cup at your wedding, but put yourself in the shoes of your guests. As A wedding DJ couples often tell me that they want all their guests smiling, and having fun.

My advice is either solutions 2 or 3, If I was the Master Of Ceremonies / DJ at your wedding I could make number 3 really fun. Because happy guests mean a happy wedding, which means a happy Bride & Groom.

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