Wedding Fair Survival Guide

Wedding Fair Survival Guide

Wedding fairs are a great opportunity to check out local suppliers all under one convenient roof. I know It can be a bit daunting walking around, so here are my top tips to get through them with as little stress as possible

1. Look at The Suppliers Body Language

You want a wedding supplier who is passionate about their business, and more importantly enthusiastic about your wedding day. So if they are sat at a table behind their stands, chatting with their colleagues, or on their smartphones, seeing what is happening on social media, or eating their lunch, so how enthusiastic will they truly be about your wedding day. Find Suppliers who are stood in front of their stands, engaging with couples.

2. Walk around the whole show before speaking to any suppliers

Allow your self enough time to walk around the whole fair, just like a visit to the supermarket, plan your route. Look at all the stands before talking to anyone, prioritise the services that you need, and find the suppliers who are offering those services. Remember you don’t have to book everything in one visit.

Try to find those suppliers that are creating a natural buzz, and those that those that are really giving couples the hard sell, “you must book today”

3. Answer More Questions then you ask

Suppliers with a genuine interest in your wedding will be enthusiastic about finding out about you and your dreams for your wedding day rather than just chatting about their services.

If they talk about what they do rather than what you want for your day.


4. Don’t Make Rash Decisions

Some Suppliers do get booked up early but don’t feel pressured into making a decision that you may later regret, all reputable suppliers will hold a date for you, and maybe arrange a more in-depth meeting with them.

Don’t fall for the “you can only get this discount if you book today” trust me that discount will still be available in 7 days.

Also if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is

5. Wheeling & Dealing

A Wedding Fair is a great opportunity to talk to suppliers face to face, find out if you like them, 1st impressions do count.

Don’t be afraid to haggle, especially if you are interested in a few things they offer. Get any offers in writing, as the supplier will speak to many couples and may forget what they discussed with you.

Important Notes!  Make sure to find out if there are any hidden costs that may come up and bite you later on.  Delivery, set-up and collection costs are the main ones to keep an eye out for!

6. Split Up

Why not walk around separately, and compare notes over a coffee, then speak to those suppliers you both like in more detail. This gives you a “get out” if you don’t want to carry on talking to that supplier. “I will just go and get my partner”


Enjoy every second of planning your wedding